Saturday, May 12, 2012

At Last ! 3rd Anniversary in Hong Kong (Part 1)

Assalamualaykum.. Yes! You've got it right! Berpeluang berjumpa dengan kekasih hati di Hong Kong.. :) Alhamdulillah, the trip was kind of last minute but full of exciting experiences and fun! I have to admit, the best travel buddy for me is my husband.. Yes, we fought sometimes.. Yes, we had some disagreement especially when I am tired.. But, I am very happy to be with him even for the short time.. Okay.. actually, saye beli tiket utk ke Hong Kong 2-3 minggu sebelum trip.. tgh godek-godek tiket, tengok Cathay Pacific punye offer is quite okay.. KUL-HK dalam RM960, boleh tahan la.. so beli je dulu, jadi ke tak jadi tu belakang kire.. but Alhamdulillah, after a lot of hardship, dapat la jugak jumpa kat Hong Kong.. Bertolak 27hb Mei, Mr. Sunshine sampai HK from China dalam pukul 4-5pm, whereas saye bertolak dari KLIA pukul 5.40pm.. Akhirnya, jejak kasih dalam pukul 10.30pm.. :) Husband dah beli Octopus card and dah siap-siap beli simcard for me.. I will have to say, HK Airport sangat systematic.. suke! So, we took Airport Express yg macam ERL tu and turun kat stesen mane ntah.. from there, we had to take taxi to go to our hotel.. We stayed in Imperial Hotel kat Tsim Sha Tsui.. very strategic place sbb sangat dekat dgn segala public transport dan kedai-kedai / shopping complexes.. tapi since dah sampai lewat ke hotel dan dah penat, kitorang pon mandi, makan dan terus tido.. The next trip.... TUNGGUUUUU!!! Sorry, tak dapat nak upload gambar..

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dear Husband..

Dear Husband,

Alhamdulillah, we have been married for almost 3 years..
01/05/2009 would always be in my mind..
Believe me, I only felt the palpitation and nervousness while dressing up in the evening for our Akad Nikah ceremony at night..
Exactly 5.30pm, I started to feel anxious, butterfly in my stomach..
More of worried, what if you became so nervous that you couldn't do a proper akad?
What if Tok Kadi cancel it off because of unforeseen event?
What if something bad happened to any of us?
I know it sounds ridiculous but, hey, I was the bride..
Of course I would have bad thoughts.. :P

But alhamdulillah, everything went well..
I don't have to explain in details my feeling that night..
All in all, it was the best thing ever happened in my life so far..
Being your wife, it is just like a dream comes true..

Dear Husband,

We shared tears and laughters..
We quarreled and fight like others..
We laughed at each others' jokes..
We became jealous of each others' fond..
We gave and accepted advices..
We talked and told stories before we dozed off almost every night..
We sent sms and funny emails while at work..
We called and sent text to each other, although you've just sent me to work five minutes ago..
We watched movies together, although it was "........ Dalam Botol" which was not a scary movie at all!
We understood each other and making no fuss when you farted loudly in the public..(haha!)
We consoled each other when either one is in sad moment..
We motivated each other to work hard and pray hard..
No baby? No problem because you have me and I have you..
For all the above, I could never ever thank you enough..

Dear Husband,

It has been almost three years, but we have never get the chance to be together on our anniversary..
Thus, I am making a wish here..
I wish to see cherry blossom..
Be it in New Zealand, Japan, Korea or other places..
I don't mind..
As long as it is cherry blossom..
Nevermind if it's not this year, because we have a lifetime to do that..

Dear Husband,

Just in case you don't remember how cherry blossom looks like..
Please refer to the photos above..

I love you..

p/s : this is the art of memujuk husband.. puji melangit, pastu baru buat wish..
Hahaha! genius me! :P

Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Hope..

Personally, I was hoping that we could celebrate our third wedding anniversary together this year...

But, seems like I have to be alone again and again on our anniversary..

Three years.. three anniversaries.. all by myself..

*sigh*.. T_T

Friday, January 27, 2012

One Year Nearer To My Death..


Yesterday was my 30th birthday..
No big celebration.. just a simple small "makan kek" session, Abah's treat..
Just a sweet "off-tune" birthday song by Danial and the gang via sis-in-law's handphone..
But many many warm wishes from family, friends and relatives at my Facebook page..
That was sweet, peeps.. :) really touched my heart, knowing that there are a lot of friends out there pray for my health and success in life.. :)

What have I done in 30 years of living?
I can surely say, more sins than deeds..
But hopefully Allah forgive my sins for every tears I shed thinking that how ungrateful I am, after what has Allah gave me..
I want to contribute more for the best of our ummah.. really..
But in doing that, there are a lot of tribulations and hardship I have to face.. I know that..
Last night, I hardly sleep..
Not because of a lot of thinking on how old I am already..
But more of questions to myself..

"How do I answer if Allah ask me what is my contribution to Ummah?"
"What should I say if Allah question me about my gratefulness after all the ni'mat that He gave me?"
"Would I escape the punishment and the pain of sakaratul maut, when my time has come?"
"Would I die in my husband's redha?"
"What if the Judgement Day is tomorrow? Am I ready?"

These were the questions in my mind.. I couldn't stop thinking about this.. Even my husband could have sense there was something bothering me, thus he made a quick call from the vessel.. And his words really made me relieved..

I am grateful for still being alive today..
And I promise to be a better muslim day by day..
I hope, I would be able to answer the questions above when the time comes..
The time when Allah call me to meet him..

I would like to reveal one thing..









I dreamed of Kiamat once.. where I could hear the "tiupan sangkakala"..
I could see the buildings collapsed and the sky rolled..
Everybody was running here and there to save themselves..
Shouting, chaos, cries.. It was soooo hard for me to describe..
And... Masya-Allah... how I wished I would be dead before that day comes..

I woke up breathlessness and speechless... I cried and cried...
And you can ask my husband, what happened after that..

I hope, after reading this, all of us would always remember that death is approaching us.. we just forget, or pretend to forget..

Let us be a better muslim..

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kenapa Sombong???



Alhamdulillah, semalam berpeluang pergi ke kursus persiapan umrah, together with my parents. Insya-Allah, dalam sebulan lagi kami akan pergi..
Dalam kursus semalam, Ustaz Sahabuddin Muhaimin lebih banyak memberi penerangan tentang persediaan diri dan hati untuk menunaikan umrah.. Tapi banyak perkara yang saye belajar dan diberi peringatan semula.. Syukur dapat peluang dengar tazkirah sebegini lagi sebab dah lama tak dengar Ustaz mengajar.. Let me share some :

Kenapa sesetengah orang masih ada sifat takbur dan sombong, walau pun sudah berada di Makkah, tanah suci..?? Kerana...

1. Kekayaannya :
Ini yang paling selalu dijumpai.. kerana dia kaya, kerana dia orang berada, dia merasakan orang lain adalah lebih rendah daripada dia. Padahal, kite perlu ingat kekayaan itu hanya milik Allah.. apabila kembali kepada-Nya, satu sen pon kite takkan mampu nak bawa.. bayar berapa banyak pon, kite takkan mampu menahan siksaan kubur.. sebab itu lah, kite kena bersyukur kerana dikurniakan harta yang banyak, bukannya bersikap sombong.. bantu orang yang memerlukan, keluarkan zakat, bersederhana dengan kemewahan, itu lebih dituntut...

2. Pangkat / jawatan
Seseorang tu mungkin tak kaya, tapi pangkatnya tinggi, mempunyai jawatan besar dalam ofis, mungkin.. Jadi dia mula rasa sombong dgn jawatan yang dia ade.. Bila beribadat, kite takkan dapat pahala lebih kerana jawatan kite.. Itu perlu ingat. Di sisi Allah SWT, jawatan atau pangkat yang kite ade tidak memberi apa-apa.. yang akan dihitung adalah bagaimana kite menggunakan jawatan dan pangkat kite untuk berbakti pada orang lain.. untuk menjalankan tanggungjawab dan amanah yang telah diberikan kepada kite sesuai dengan jawatan dan pangkat kite.. Jadi, janganlah sombong kalau kite berpangkat Doktor ke, Professor ke, Datuk ke, Datin ke... semua kite akan bertelanjang dan dihitung sama sahaja ketika di Akhirat kelak.. Allah takkan panggil kite berpangkalkan pangkat yang kite ada.. semua tu dunia!

3. Keturunannya
Mungkin kite takde kekayaan, takde pangkat atau jawatan besar, tapi keturunan kite bagus-bagus dan dikenali.. Itu juga boleh membawa sifat sombong dan takbur.. pernah kan kite dengar orang cakap "ayah saye orang terkenal, jadi saye ni anaknya, patut dapat penghormatan yang lebih dari orang lain.." isy isy isy.. nak jugak menumpang tu.. jangan sampai sombong dan takbur dgn keturunan kite, sbb semua itu hanya sementara.. malah, kite mungkin lebih hina di sisi Allah berbanding anak-anak luar nikah / tak sah taraf.. mereka ini bukan meminta untuk lahir sebagai anak luar nikah atau orang skrg panggil anak haram la... Malah mereka mungkin lebih mulia di sisi Allah berbanding kite..

4. Kepandaiannya
Kadang-kadang, seseorang tu takde la kaya, takde jawatan, keturunan biase-biase je, tapi dia sangat pandai dan bijak.. maka jadilah dia sombong dgn kepandaiannya.. kedekut ilmu, tanak orang lain pandai macam dia.. mungkin dia akan rase tahap kepandaiannya akan jadi berkurang kalau dia kongsi ilmu dgn orang lain.. hermmm... ini juga salah satu sebab yang menjadikan seseorang takbur.. nauzubillah, saye berlindung dari menjadi orang yg sombong dgn kepandaian.. malahan, saye tidak lah pandai mana, cuma banyak memandai-mandai je.. harap Allah berikan kesungguhan dan istiqamah kepada kite semua untuk berkongsi kelebihan ilmu atau kepandaian kite dgn orang lain..

5. Tubuh badan / Rupa paras
Ini tak payah elaborate banyak la.. sedangkan budak-budak skolah pon dah mula sombong dengan eloknya paras mereka, sampaikan tak nak kawan dgn budak-budak yang hitam / tak cantik / ade kecacatan.. Jadi takbur dgn paras rupa yang cantik.. menunjuk-nunjuk tubuh badan yang elok dan lawa.. hmm... maaf cakap, tapi golongan artis ramai yang macam ni.. alah... bukan artis pon ramai!

6. Umurnya
"Kau kena dengar cakap aku, aku ni lebih dahulu makan garam daripada kau.." familiar tak? ini salah satu sebab kenapa orang menjadi sombong.. tanak dengar pendapat orang lain, dia sahaja yang betul.. sebab? dia lebih berpengalaman dan lebih berusia dari orang lain... ye lah, kalaupon lebih dahulu makan garam atau lebih berpengalaman, janganlah sampai takbur, sombong dan riak.. bersederhana sudah...

7. Terkenal / famous / glamour
Hmm.... yang ini tak perlu elaborate. kadang-kadang, tumpang glamour orang lain pon dia nak sombong.. padahal, tumpang je!

8. Degil / Keras kepala
Orang yg sombong juga sebenarnya degil.. Orang degil pon sombong dgn kedegilannya.. Bila org tegur atau tak sependapat dgn dia, dia degil tanak dengar dan terus-terusan menjadi sombong..

9. Kejahilan / kebodohan

Sombong dalam kejahilan, ini yang paling susah nak handle. Sebab dia tak tahu bahawasanya kebodohan dan kejahilannya telah menyebabkan sikap takbur dan sombong. Itulah yang dikatakan bodoh sombong..

So, ini lah 9 perkara yang menjadi sebab kenapa seseorang itu sombong. Ada tak yang kena dgn kite? Jadi, sama-sama kite bersifat tawadhu' (merendah diri) kerana kite hanyalah hamba Allah yang hina.. nasib kite di Akhirat kelak belum tahu bagaimana.. maka tak wajar untuk kite bersikap sombong sesama insan, apatah lagi sombong dgn Allah.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Bestfriend's Wedding

Bestfriend ni ape sebenarnye??

Ahah.. terjawab sudah. :)

Sebenarnya kan, saya ni fobia untuk ade bestfriend tau.. Sebab apa tau, dari skolah rendah sampai le ke universiti, sure akan ade adegan gaduh ngan bestfren..

Tapi, alhamdulillah.. dengan Puan Dr. Hasanah Mardhiah ni, saye tak pernah gaduh dengan dia.. in reminiscing our friendship, it started when both of us have to repeat our O&G posting because of unfortunate event. So, time 4th Year, orang lain kena buat elective posting and attachment elsewhere, we have to stay in Kuantan and study for O&G posting. That was when we became close. And we requested to be in the same group of posting in 5th Year. Seriously, we never fight! Tak pernah bermasam muka or berselisih faham. We share a lot of stories, motivate each other, study together, went to Pasar Ramadhan together.. we do have other friends and it was not that kitorang berkepit berdua 24 jam.. I think what makes us close till today is, bersahabat kerana Allah.. menjaga satu sama lain kerana Allah.. tegur satu sama lain bila berbuat salah. We have trust in each other. And Alhamdulillah, our husbands become friends too...

Masa saye kawen, dia la penyepit saye.. Maka, bila dia nak kawin, saye dengan tak malunye terus book role as her penyepit! Hahahaha!! And my beloved husband pon dah volunteer nak jadi photographer tempelan, since his new hobby is photography.. :)

3 days in Kuala Kangsar attending their wedding, kitorang pon honeymoon sekali! And saye pon try le menjadi photographer tak bertauliah masa diorang buat outdoor photography session..

Last but not least:

Puan Senah,

Please take care of yourself.. and your husband. I appreciate our friendship very much and the trust that you've given to me. Insya-Allah, kite berkawan sampai syurga...

Encik Rizal,

Jaga dia macam jaga nyawa awak sendiri.. Bimbing dia sebaiknya.

Next : photos!

These were the photos that I snap.. baru nak belajar, seyh! Memang la tak cantik, tapi gambar-gambar ni diambil dengan penuh kasih-sayang.. *cheh!*

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Entry Tertangguh - Abseiling Sungai Pisang

I always believe that nature is the best healing method.
Example : you're stressed out with tonnes and tonnes of work, with dateline to catch on, arguing with boss, not enough time to do your favourite things, messy house and bored daily routine. Obviously you need some time and space for yourself to de-stress.. What would be your choice??
1. Movies and hang out in crowded places i.e. shopping complex
2. Eat good food without worrying your BMI, add up your calories and fats..
3. Sleep, sleep, sleep and sleep...
4. Stay at home and do nothing..


5. Out for some recreational activities and enjoy the smell of leaves, forest and fresh air..

Once a while, we need to get out from the busy hectic city life and sniff fresh air..
I've got the chance to enjoy that. Last October (2011), while my husband was away on-board, I took the opportunity to went back to Air Terjun Sungai Pisang with some other adventurous fellas..
I even invited my brother with his friends to join together. They were just finished their final professional exam before start working.. They are doctors, too..

We stayed there overnight.. It was a great experience.. No toilet, only cold clean river.. No cosy rooms, only simple small tent.. No expensive food, only self-cooked simple food (yet still yummy!).. The cold night when it was raining heavily and all of us were drenched but still sleeping soundly.

The next day, waterfall abseiling was the most awaited event. It was my second time abseiling and first time waterfall abseiling.
Nervous, scared, excited, thrill... all mixed up.. but it was worth the feelings! :)

I would love to do this again, if I had another chance..

Enjoy the photos, peeps...