Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dear Husband..

Dear Husband,

Alhamdulillah, we have been married for almost 3 years..
01/05/2009 would always be in my mind..
Believe me, I only felt the palpitation and nervousness while dressing up in the evening for our Akad Nikah ceremony at night..
Exactly 5.30pm, I started to feel anxious, butterfly in my stomach..
More of worried, what if you became so nervous that you couldn't do a proper akad?
What if Tok Kadi cancel it off because of unforeseen event?
What if something bad happened to any of us?
I know it sounds ridiculous but, hey, I was the bride..
Of course I would have bad thoughts.. :P

But alhamdulillah, everything went well..
I don't have to explain in details my feeling that night..
All in all, it was the best thing ever happened in my life so far..
Being your wife, it is just like a dream comes true..

Dear Husband,

We shared tears and laughters..
We quarreled and fight like others..
We laughed at each others' jokes..
We became jealous of each others' fond..
We gave and accepted advices..
We talked and told stories before we dozed off almost every night..
We sent sms and funny emails while at work..
We called and sent text to each other, although you've just sent me to work five minutes ago..
We watched movies together, although it was "........ Dalam Botol" which was not a scary movie at all!
We understood each other and making no fuss when you farted loudly in the public..(haha!)
We consoled each other when either one is in sad moment..
We motivated each other to work hard and pray hard..
No baby? No problem because you have me and I have you..
For all the above, I could never ever thank you enough..

Dear Husband,

It has been almost three years, but we have never get the chance to be together on our anniversary..
Thus, I am making a wish here..
I wish to see cherry blossom..
Be it in New Zealand, Japan, Korea or other places..
I don't mind..
As long as it is cherry blossom..
Nevermind if it's not this year, because we have a lifetime to do that..

Dear Husband,

Just in case you don't remember how cherry blossom looks like..
Please refer to the photos above..

I love you..

p/s : this is the art of memujuk husband.. puji melangit, pastu baru buat wish..
Hahaha! genius me! :P

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