Monday, January 25, 2010

New Syndrome ???


I was browsing through other medical personnel blogs, until i found this hilarious yet true article by him.. hahahhaa... Funny!! It's from Darren Magic's blog.. Enjoy reading, u all...

I remember during my med student time, my friend Steve and I was talking about can "no money" be considered an "illness". We went on elaborating it and found it kinda interesting. Imagine in the future medical textbook you see someting like this:

Chap XX: Hypo-money-ism

Defined as deficiency of money, a highly essential element in life.

Prevalance is believed to be high and the course of disease is fairly unpredictable.

Etiology and Pathophysiology
The etiology is numerous and could be multifactorial, but reduced input or increased output is usually the cause.

Signs and Symptoms
Increased level of anxiety, intermittent restlessness, transient drop in self-esteem, disturbances in sleep/appetite. The more severe one can be anhedonia (loss of interest), impaired psychosocial functioning and bouts of major depressive episodes.

1. Acute exacerbation of the illness
- Commonly seen in patients already with chronic underlying hypo-money-ism. Usually a sudden social event is the precipitating factor.

2. A-money-mic Crisis
- The most dangerous form of the illness, when the level of money drops to nil or even negative. Urgent treatment is necessary to prevent long-term complications.

Rx is straightforward. Intra-wallet replacement of the element will result in rapid resolution of the symptoms and prompt recovery is expected. The outcome is generally well with usually no residual symptoms, and even the severe depression can be reversed with adequate treatment. No cases of overdose being reported. Studies have shown that some patients even will have certain degrees of amnesia of the previous suffering.

Recurrence is likely, and some patients will go into "frequent relapse", which can be difficult to treat. No effective preventive method reported. Patient education can play a role but its efficacy remains controversial.

Friday, January 15, 2010

An Opportunity To Share..


Assalamualaykum warahmatullah..

Alhamdulillah, still given the chance by The Al-Mighty to live and appreciate the precious moment being a Muslim.. Yesterday was a hectic day, settling some matters involving my "hijacked" account.. Huhuhu.. yup, my account has been hijacked by somebody.. a total amount of one-month salary and on-call claim has been transferred to another 3rd party via online banking, without my knowledge. I only realized it when I got an sms mentioning that a successful transaction of RM 4xxx.00 from my account.. Police report made, as well as report to the respective bank.. Just a reminder, do not open or log in to your online banking account via email link.. in a simple word, don't trust any email from the "so-called" bank.. Because bank will never send any email to you if there is any problem with your saving account. They will call you straight away. Anyway, this is a lesson for me so that i'll be careful in the future.. As what I used to say once, "everything happens for a good reason." (huhuhu.. dalam pening kepala and pedih mata, sempat lagi pi bank n balai polis tu..)

And now, I am more calm.. got the chance to update my blog.. Hehehe.. my husband dah pesan semalam, "kalau ade masa, update le blog.. rindu nak baca.." padahal, almost everything I shared with him.. well, except some things that I think is not important to share.. But Suria Kencana memang busybody bile melibatkan saye.. hahahhaa! kalo boleh, rasenye dia nak pasang CCTV and recorder dalam otak saye, so that he knows what is in my mind.. That's my husband.. :) .. And I appreciate that very much..

What did I read today? Hmmm.. I read about Edward Syndrome.. Ape tuh??? Hmm... tukar bahasa pulak.. Sama macam Down's syndrome, Edward syndrome adalah jumlah chromosome yang tidak normal pada seseorang. kalau dalam Down's syndrome, jumlah chromosome pada set ke-21 terlebih (normally, setiap set akan ade 2 chromosome) menjadi 3 chromosome. Pada Edward syndrome pula, set ke-18 terlebih satu chromosome. Satu lagi syndrome adalah Patau syndrome, yang mana set ke-13 tak normal. What is the significant? The child with these syndromes are not normal. Kalau Down syndrome, tak seteruk mana sebab mereka boleh lagi hidup sampai dewasa, cuma terdapat beberapa kekurangan dan masalah yang bakal dihadapi. Contohnya, IQ dan mental mereka lebih rendah daripada orang yang normal, masalah jantung, masalah paru-paru, masalah salur pemakanan.. Kalau dalam Patau syndrome pulak, selalunye memang incompatible with life.. means, mereka selalunya tak hidup sebaik sahaja dilahirkan.. and Edward syndrome is in between of these 2 syndromes, I would say.. usually, they won't be able to survive after 1 year old, because of multiple congenital problems.. I have been given the opportunity to manage and handle few cases of Edward syndrome, being a doctor in Neonate Unit. The most shocking part is when you see the baby and you know she/he is not normal from the first glance. Sebab apa, those Edward's babies, they have some characteristics that shen u look at them, it is highly suspicious of the syndrome.. contoh : jari tangan mereka akan overlap with each other. The next thing u have to do is to confirm the diagnosis by scoring the physical appearance and fits it into the diagnosis (so that u won't misdiagnose). But the most challenging and toughest part is... to tell the parents that their baby is not normal and won't be able to survive long.. URGHHH.. I hate this part, especially when the parents dah lama menunggu2 kehadiran baby ni. (contohnya macam kahwin dah lama bertahun-tahun tapi baru dapat baby). The counselling and explanation must be very detail and full of sympathy since the withdrawal of treatment and care need to be understood by them. And usually, when I am the one who need to counsel them regarding this, it would be a sleepless night for me..

So far, the longest surviving baby of Edward syndrome that I have been encounter is a 3 months old baby girl. I remember explaining to the father that the baby is not normal. But the baby able to live up to 3 months. Subhanallah.. But today, I read in this blog :
the life of Cut Cahya and family, whereby Cut Cahya is a two and a half year old Edward's syndrome girl.. Amazing and full of sacrifice.. both parents are strong-willing and so also Cahya..

This blog of Cahya's life and survival really enlighten me on how Allah tests His servants in many ways.. And we should be grateful and patient when we are choosen by Him to be tested.. It shows that we are not forgotten by HIM and thus, we should not forget HIM in no matter what we do....

Wallahu a'lam....

p/s : boring jugak kalo MC lama ni...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Red Eyes... Red Eyes..


I woke up this morning, started to feel itchy over both my eyes.. Hmm... slightly swollen, but that was because i shed tears before i went to sleep last night.. Dalam hati dah terlintas "alamak.. janganlah conjunctivitis.." because if i do get one, it gonna be a very bad one.. sujud pon rase berat otak.. macam nak terkeluar biji mata.. tengok kat cermin, tak merah.. so takpelah, boleh pi kerja and do the scheduled on-call today.. gatal siket2 but i don't dare to scratch or wipe, sebab takut lagi teruk.. just put on some optrex and went off to work..

Arrived to the ward, started to feel throbbing pain and teary eyes.. pi toilet jap.. ARGGHHHH!!! DAH MERAH.... huhuhu... met my Specialist and tell her about my new prob. Went off to Casualty Department and consulted my fren there.. She said, it is obviously Viral Conjunctivitis.. Baru nak jadi.. Got my 5-days MC then went off home.. Kat rumah, start demam.. telan Panadol dua biji dah tadi..

Called my husband, and he said "wah!! that's a good news!" .. hmmm... he's coming back today.. But.. i'm a little bit frustrated though.. first, baru je nak buat rekod bersih tak pernah amik MC since start kerja.. so kire ni first time le.. second, kesian my colleague kena ganti on-call.. got 2 on-call this week.. today and saturday.. that means, terlepas 2 kali le.. isk... isk.. isk... third, mata nih rase berdenyut2...

But the good thing is, boleh le rest kejap from work.. Although in a painful way.. Next week, I have to see my boss and submit my transfer form.. That's my plan for next week.. Bagi ke tak, belakang kira..

..... Nak tido .....