Thursday, July 22, 2010

Catching Up...

Assalamualaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh..

Okay.. I decide to update this blog today because Facebook is no longer allowed for access in my office.. hehehe.. frankly, the day would be "longer" than previously.. hehehe.. but a good point is that the concentration towards work would be more.. I admit, Facebook had stole away 50% of my concentration towards work.. hahahaha! A confession of a government servant whom is working in the office.. But, I would like to defend myself by saying that none of my tasks / jobs were left behind incomplete. Hehehe.. points taken? Takpe, takde Facebook then blogspot kan ade.. huhuhu.

As for new working environment, I would have to say that I am adapting quite okay here.. For the last 3 weeks, all the staff and senior colleagues are helping me a lot so that I could understand how all the jobs are done.. Alhamdulillah, I think I would be able to pick up the work process.. Attending the group meeting and also the CPG team discussion, I would say this would be a challenge for me to improve myself. Fortunately, the word "evicence-based medicine (EBM)" is not a new phrase to me.. this is the field I am dealing with now.. It demands a high commitment in terms of critical thinking and action base on facts.. I like it..

But.. the only flaw that I couldn't accept is the lack of parking area.. URGH!!! tak boleh terima, okay?! Just imagine, the distance from my house to my office is only 3-4km.. tapi, kena kuar awal 45 minit to get a parking.. tu pon main blasah je parking tepi jalan.. parking facilities memang hampeh la kat sini.. huh?! Bila my husband balik, jangan harap le nak suruh saye bawak keta ke ofis.. He has to be the driver.. Time tu la nak bermanja-manja kan.. hehehe.. by being my "supir"?

Insya-Allah, tak lama lagi dapat le kuarters.. sekarang ni stay ngan my parents dulu.. maybe during Ramadhan or after Aidilfitri, we'll be moving in to a new house.. kuarters la tapi.. but Insya-Allah, berbaloi..

What di I do during my free time? Hehehe.. since I don't have to do on-call anymore, I spend it with reading.. I finished reading "Natrah : Cinta, Rusuhan, Air Mata".. A very good book indeed.. Highly recommended to those who has the interest to know the real history behind it.. anyway, Natrah passed away in 2009, succumbed to Leukemia.. Right now, I'm reading My Sister's Keeper, a book recommended by a friend.. Interesting, isn't it..

So, that's all for now.. Will try to find time for further update..

Monday, July 05, 2010

New Chapter


Assalamualaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh...

My husband has been reminding me for thousand times already.. Blog ini telah terabai! Huhuhu... Padahal kebelakangan ni takde lah busy sgt.. For update, saye dah berpindah ke Putrajaya.. kuarters still tak dapat, so menumpang ngan Ummi n Abah dulu.. sekarang ni kerja within office hour, not involve with patients, no on-call, but kind of bored and the satisfaction was not yet felt… Maybe sebab takde kerja yang betul2 being assigned to me yet.. Ade pro and cons in doing this..

Pro :
1. takyah on-call.. so my weekend is for me to spend with my family. Boleh attend wedding without thinking of weekend call.. takyah request weekend off from specialist. And the best part is, tidur sentiasa cukup (6-8 hours per day).
2. Near to family – since my family is in Putrajaya and my in-laws are in Shah Alam, the distance is very much lesser compared to previously. Kalau ade ape2 emergency, easier for me to get help and support, so also should there be any emergency in the family, I can always be by their side..
3. No extended working hour – previously, I’ll go to work at 7.30am and back home (if no on-call) at 6.30pm average.. In certain good day, boleh la balik pukul 5.30pm. Balik lewat tu dah biasa dah.. Kadang2 bukan sebab kerja banyak pon, tapi sebab tunggu the on-call people to pass-over.. or sometimes tunggu boss dtg round.. paling tak best kalo kena balik lewat after post-call.. But now, kalo balik lewat pon maybe sebab meeting habis lewat..
4. Waktu solat terjaga – Hehehe… ni memang takleh nak blame pon kalo solat lewat dulu, sbb lewat pon sebab patient tak stabil and kena make sure patient tak mati dulu.. but at least nowadays, boleh solat dalam waktu. Insya-Allah, will try to maintain that..
5. Ade work-space sendiri – In my office, I have my own workplace.. Cubicle yang agak luas.. Takyah bilik pon takpe lagi sebab cubicle ni dah cukup besar.. I have my own PC and cabinet to put my things.. Cuma nak kena decorate and touch-up sket la..

Cons :

1. Skill hilang – actually, saye sayang my skill as a Pediatrics MO.. intubate patient, IV cannulation, arterial line cannulation, talking and explaining to patients’ parents..  duh… even determining patients’ problems pon need skills.. but to overcome this “feeling of emptiness”, maybe I need to do locum.
2. Less moving – duduk je kat office, rase cam kematu punggung and gelisah.. especially kalo tgh takde kerja.. urgh.. kalo dok kat spital, memang kena jalan2 sampai lenguh.. hahahah! But to overcome this, maybe kena ajak husband go for a jog or brisk-walking in the evening or weekend..
3. Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork – Urgh.. I hate paperworks! But what can I say?! This job is mainly on doing paperwork, proposals, letters and etc… Maybe I can kind-of ignore the boredom by reading, since one of my task is to read A LOT OF MEDICAL JOURNALS!! Huhuhu.. macam balik ke library time study mase undergrad dulu..

Kadang2 datang terpikir jugak, am I doing the right choice? Is this what I really want? How do I make it as fun as working with children? Hmmm… tapi bile fikir panjang dan panjang dan panjang lagi, everything happened for a good reason.. On top of that, my husband would also be happy because I don’t have to leave him alone at home anymore..
Dia je yang pi naik kapal and tinggal saye… but at least I have my family around / near by.

So, kite tunggu dan lihat saje…