Thursday, July 22, 2010

Catching Up...

Assalamualaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh..

Okay.. I decide to update this blog today because Facebook is no longer allowed for access in my office.. hehehe.. frankly, the day would be "longer" than previously.. hehehe.. but a good point is that the concentration towards work would be more.. I admit, Facebook had stole away 50% of my concentration towards work.. hahahaha! A confession of a government servant whom is working in the office.. But, I would like to defend myself by saying that none of my tasks / jobs were left behind incomplete. Hehehe.. points taken? Takpe, takde Facebook then blogspot kan ade.. huhuhu.

As for new working environment, I would have to say that I am adapting quite okay here.. For the last 3 weeks, all the staff and senior colleagues are helping me a lot so that I could understand how all the jobs are done.. Alhamdulillah, I think I would be able to pick up the work process.. Attending the group meeting and also the CPG team discussion, I would say this would be a challenge for me to improve myself. Fortunately, the word "evicence-based medicine (EBM)" is not a new phrase to me.. this is the field I am dealing with now.. It demands a high commitment in terms of critical thinking and action base on facts.. I like it..

But.. the only flaw that I couldn't accept is the lack of parking area.. URGH!!! tak boleh terima, okay?! Just imagine, the distance from my house to my office is only 3-4km.. tapi, kena kuar awal 45 minit to get a parking.. tu pon main blasah je parking tepi jalan.. parking facilities memang hampeh la kat sini.. huh?! Bila my husband balik, jangan harap le nak suruh saye bawak keta ke ofis.. He has to be the driver.. Time tu la nak bermanja-manja kan.. hehehe.. by being my "supir"?

Insya-Allah, tak lama lagi dapat le kuarters.. sekarang ni stay ngan my parents dulu.. maybe during Ramadhan or after Aidilfitri, we'll be moving in to a new house.. kuarters la tapi.. but Insya-Allah, berbaloi..

What di I do during my free time? Hehehe.. since I don't have to do on-call anymore, I spend it with reading.. I finished reading "Natrah : Cinta, Rusuhan, Air Mata".. A very good book indeed.. Highly recommended to those who has the interest to know the real history behind it.. anyway, Natrah passed away in 2009, succumbed to Leukemia.. Right now, I'm reading My Sister's Keeper, a book recommended by a friend.. Interesting, isn't it..

So, that's all for now.. Will try to find time for further update..

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awesome blossom said...

i understand you! aku pun spend too much time on FB.. hahah. but as you said, kerja semua siap aa. i guess we just need a few minutes as break, that's all.