Sunday, July 19, 2009

Untitled... Speechless.. Blank!


Okay.. sebelum ape-ape, saye kena admit yang saye tak update dah lama.. Reasons.. 1.No idea.. 2.Malas... 3.Technical Problem... Hehehe.. whatever it is, this entry is to fulfill my husband's request.. Well, seems you are not around, honey.. :)

First, my life.. Most of my frens akan tanye, "macam mane hidup lepas kawen?". My answer would be... BEST! hehehe.. The detail of it, u have to ask those yang dah kawen.. But the most important of it is.. dapat sempurnakan sebahagian dari Islam.. Me and my husband, we have gone through a lot of challenges.. And alhamdulillah, we manage to face it, with the great help from The Al-Mighty...

Second, work.. Alhamdulillah, able to cope with my works quite okay nowadays.. Dealing with babies, of course it is much much more better than dealing with adult.. Babies won't swear or say vulgar words to us.. they just cry.. The most important is.. they are super duper cute! I enjoy my work so far.. Although at the beginning, I didn't think I can handle it.. But really... I like what I'm doing..

Third, my house.. I moved to a new house in Indera Mahkota 2.. Such a lovely house, just like the owner.. Rent it, fully furnished.. A little bit far from the previous house to the hospital but it doesn't matter.. My husband and I happy with it.. That's the most important, rite?

Enough for now.. Anyway, Ramadhan is just around the corner.. Looking forward very much to enjoy the sweetness of Ramadhan, together with someone whom I love.. Previous years since I graduate from IIUM, breaking fast and sahur was by myself.. alone and only me alone.. well, sometimes ngan family and nurses when I was on-call.. Anyway, this year would be different.. May Allah bless all of us... Ameen..

p/s: Seems like this year, my Eid celebration would be in two places... Huhuhu...

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

09052009 - INSPEN Bangi

So malas to update the blog.. so just letak few photos je la ek..