Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's A Game Of Life..

I hate it when people keep on blaming other people on their own mistake..
I hate it when I have to take responsibility on other people's fault..
I have done my part and always be careful when it comes to my patient's matter..
And don't blame me if it's ur negligence that cause the patient to suffer..

p/s : This is why I dislike Medical posting.. people are 'acting' in front of their superior as if they have done the best decision, and in the other hand, blaming the less fortunate HO to take the blame on their stupid action.. be responsible la.. it's people's life u are handling with..

Sunday, January 06, 2008

New Year Resolutions..


Wah! It's January 2008.. dah masuk tahun baru rupenye.. and next week pon Tahun Baru Hijrah jugak kan.. Talking about new year, people will start asking about resolutions.. "Ape azam baru tahun ni?" hermmm.. azam saye tahun lepas tak tercapai, so saye nak bring forward ke tahun ni pulak.. tapi tak tahu lah tercapai ke tak..

Kalo Erynn and husband surely happy sebab tahun baru ni dah ade baby girl yang comel, saye pon nak tumpang happy.. Kak Lina surely no more alone sebab baru jek membina masjid last Aidiladha.. saye tak berpeluang nak attend sebab on-call.. Muna surely busy preparing herself to become a mother, since her expected date of delivery is somewhere in July.. hehehe.. tumpang happy jugak sebab surely she looks cute being a mother.. umur 25 tahun..ooppss.. becoming 26 y.o tapi nampak macam skolah menengah je..

Everybody is happy being with someone they love.. that's good for them... hermm..

I'm speechless..

2007 - both sweet memories and broken-hearted stories..

The sweet ones :
- I passed my Pro Exam.. and I'm a doctor..
- Graduation Day.. 5 years been dreaming to be in the convo robe.. and the day finally came.. well, although that day was not so memorable to me.. kinda blur regarding of what has happened that day..
- started working.. well, HUKM is not that bad.. the best day was the moment I found out that my first salary is already bank-in.. WAH!
- went to Pulau Tioman.. I've been waiting so long to go to an island for a day-out.. snorkelling was fun!

The not-so-sweet ones :
- graduation means, no more being naughty students escaping classess and borak-borak with closest friends about love, life and feelings.. I miss u guys, bestfrens.. :-(
- the September tragedy.. hermm.. after all the preparations..
- being left alone.. and frankly, most of the time I felt lonely..
- masuk Medical posting... well, takdelah teruk sgt tapi sebab Chief HO tu unfair in terms of work distributions, so it's kinda not-so-sweet le..

mata saye berair..
masuk habuk kot..