Friday, April 30, 2010

Special Edition : First Anniversary


It has been a year.. Alhamdulillah.. I have been married to a great man, the love of my life, Encik SURIA KENCANA BIN AMIRRUDIN (bukan nama syarikat ye..)..
It was a great year, awkward initially but meaningful in every moment.. every seconds were priceless, even though we were just sit side-by-side without any words spoken.. I realize some changes in my life after I got married... but truly, all were a good one..

The relationship between me and my father were markedly improved. So also between my parents and parents-in-law. I had a great time with my husband's big family.. Not to mention, all the weddings, holidays, hari raya, makan2... Such a great memories..

A lot of frens, aunts and uncles, cousins would ask, "dah ade isi ke belum?" well... at first, I felt a little bit sad, since a lot of friends had been having child earlier than me.. sedih okay, sampai nangis2.. But my husband is so understanding.. he would console and comfort me, saying that it's okay if we don't have baby yet.. as long as we have each other.. and now, i don't feel sad anymore.. we will keep on trying.. Maybe we are not ready yet (since our work were so hair-wire) and Allah knows far better than us.. Insya-Allah, in the future...

Marriage taught me the meaning of accepting and giving.. I used to be a "high-expectation" type of girl.. I would want my husband to be perfect in everything (last time le..). But after the solemnization, I knew that nothing was more precious than accepting my husband as what he is, and giving my best for him... And i know he feels the same way too.. But after all, my husband is the most perfect person for me.. He is my other half.. I found myself in him.. He completes me.. And that is more than enough for me..

To my dearest husband, thanks for being there for me..
Thanks for your shoulder when I need to wet it with my tears..
Thanks for your arm when i need a pillow to sleep at night..
Thanks for your hands when i need someone to hold me crossing the road..
Thanks for your stomach when i couldn't finish up the food (haha..)
Thanks for your wallet when i need a new clothes in Chantek Wangi..
Thanks for everything..
Thanks for being you...

I love you more than you know..
I really do..

p/s : celebrating our anniversary alone.. hmmm... kena qadak ni..