Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Entry 3: My Story


Allamak.. sebenarnye hari ni turn saye nak cerita kisah saye pulak.. tapi kena pergi kursus ke Melaka untuk 3 hari.. so tangguh dulu lah ye...
Hehehehe.. Alasan betul la.. cliche! :-P *naughty smile*

p/s: weekend akan datang ni sangat menarik!!
Dr. Asma' kite nak walimah!! hehehe.. saye ade hadiah "spesel" untuk enti..
Mr.Sunshine saye pon akan berlabuh di Kuantan Port dalam 2-3 hari lagi..
Menariknye!!! Alhamdulillah...

Monday, September 27, 2010

Entry 2 : Her Life


Initially, I promised myself to put this entry yesterday, as I want my 3 entries (insya-Allah) to be in three straight days.. Anyway, please forgive me for that..

I have a friend.. back from university. We were not really close then, but few activities put us in a common situation.. We didn't really talk to each other that much but sometimes, she would come to me to talk about her problem, or just to share her anxiety about study and exams and stuff like that..

She got married earlier than me.. and she was really really proud about that. I didn't know why, then.. but from a closer friend, I finally knew that this friend of mine would always do things like I did.. trying to change herself to be like me.. but yet, we were not that close.. in fact, I would always try to avoid her as much as I could since we couldn't get along that well... I don't know.. I just couldn't be that close with her for a long period.. unlike other friends of mine like Asma', Shade, Maton and etc..

We seldom talk to each other, too.. She invited me to her wedding, but I couldn't attend because I was on-call.. and then, I invited her to my wedding but she was busy with her stuff as well.. few months later, she called me, just to inform me that she was pregnant.. and she asked me whether I've been pregnant too.. I couldn't remember when was it but I'm pretty sure, it was after 6 months of my marriage.. I was sad back then, because I felt as if she was trying to show-off.. but never mind, I was happy for her... and after few weeks, I heard from a dear friend that she had a miscarriage.. she was depressed and that affected her work-performance.. Okay... that was not good, I thought.. but, I didn't call her to console her or what-so-ever, since I think she wouldn't want to be disturbed by me, anyway.. but deep in my heart, I pity her, too..

I've not been hearing any news from her since early this year.. and suddenly last Thursday, she called me.. she asked me whether I could help her to be transferred to KL/Sgor area, since I am now working in headquarters of our ministry. Erm... I was speechless initially.. WHY ME?? And then, she started to open-up..

She was currently pregnant, about 20 weeks of POA.. has been in a long-distance relationship since her husband is working in Klang Valley.. and currently they are having serious marriage problem.. because of her busy daily life as a doctor (on-calls, clinics and weekend on-calls), she needed to stay in her workplace (not KL, not Selangor, not Putrajaya).. and, she has not been in contact with her husband for almost a month.. she did call the husband, but no answer.. currently, they are communicating through a third person (org tengah)... I am not sure what are the problems among them, but I think this is too much.. how come a husband and a wife not talking to each other, whereas they are able to do so via phone calls, email, or at least meet up once a while, if long-distance relationship is the issue??? this is just at the verge of disaster.. a broken marriage.. and what should be next?? divorce? what about the baby that she is carrying? should their marriage being sacrificed for her profession??? this is something I cannot tolerate..

I am trying to help her by telling her what is the next step to be done for her to get transferred.. I can't do much on the counseling of marriage, since I myself didn't know who is her husband.. further more, I have not been in the situation. Thanks to Allah for that.. and thanks to my husband for endless support, although I also did some sacrifice for a better future.. but it's worth the effort..

As for now, I am hoping that she could handle the stress.. It's terrible and I just can't imagine if that happen to me.. Nauzubillahi min zaalik..

To you, my friend.. be strong and have faith in Allah.. whatever the outcomes would be, just don't fade your imaan by blaming Allah..

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Entry 1 : Our life


Got one tag from a friend.. entitle " 5 sweet things that he did to you"..
Owh, this is hard.. because my husband is the sweetest man i have ever met and live with.. hehehe.. hmm well, here it goes..

I have a sleeping problem.. whenever I sleep in dark and alone, I wouldn't feel secure to close my eyes properly.. So, whenever husband went off-shore for some period, my sleep wouldn't be as good as before he went.. with intermittent awakening and kadang2 tetiba terjaga sebab terkejut.. when he is around and suddenly i had a snap while trying to sleep, he would hug me tightly and whisper some verses to my ear.. my husband akan tepuk-tepuk saye macam baby nak tido... and that makes me feel secure..
that's sweet.. ;)

Sometimes, I would be late in the morning.. wouldn't have time to make breakfast.. my husband loves to watch me bersiap-siap nak pegi kerja.. tak tahu la kenapa.. :).. kite tgh busy nak pakai tudung, pakai bedak, pakai stokin.. then, suddenly he will come with a mug of nescafe for me.. he knows my favourite, he would make the drinks as the way I love it..
that's sweet... ;)

My husband respects his parents very very much... so also my parents.. and also all the elderly in our family.. he would talk to them nicely and greet them politely.. I have never met any guys like him before.. All the uncles and aunties love him, as much as I do (mine is infinity)..
that's sweet... ;)

Dia sgt suka memuji saya.. :).. eventhough i just wear a kaftan, he would say "wah... cantiknya sayang..".. Hatiku akan berbunga-bunga matahari kembang semangkuk everytime dapat pujian macam tu.. bukan senang nak dengar lelaki memuji, kan?! especially after kawen.. saye masak telur dadar pon, dia akan puji macam le chef wan yang masak.. then he will always say "thanks" everytime I cook for him..
that's sweet... ;)

He bought me Maher Zain's CD... :D
that's sweet!!!

banyak lagi... tapi tak tercakap kat sini le..
I am proud with my husband... for being such a sweet man...

Love you, Sayang..

p/s: moral of the story is, kepada sape2 yang belum kawen, cepat2 le kawen.. ehehehehe...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Membayar Hutang..

Assalamualaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Alhamdulillah, akhirnya ber'mood' jugak untuk update blog.. ehehehe.. my dear husband kept on asking..
"yang, bile nak update blog?"
"sayang, kate nak update blog.."
"isteriku sayang, nak baca new update kat blog awak.."

hehehehe.. kesian le pulak dia..
so, untuk memenuhi permintaan my Mr. Sunshine + membayar hutang, here it come..

After raya, wajiblah entry pon pasal raya kan?! Hehehe.. this year, giliran beraya di Pasir Mas, Kelantan.. the truth is, saye pon dah almost 2 tahun tak balik kelantan.. seingat saye, last skali balik kelantan masa raye tahun 2008, that was before kawen.. so, tahun ni sure la feeling lain sket sebab balik kampung and beraya ngan husband kan..

Anyway, this year sebenarnye saye dah ready untuk tidak dapat beraya dengan Mr. Sunshine, since kapal yang dia handle still tersadai kat China walaupon dah hampir habis Ramadhan... that upset me a lot, initially.. yelah, macam tak bermakna je raya tanpa husband, kan?! Tapi, last minute Mr. Sunshine cakap, dia nak balik beraya ngan saye, walaupon sekejap.. WAAAHHHH!!! So he took a flight from China to KLIA two days before raya, and we headed to Kelantan the next day.. first time drive jauh, husband kata... yang paling penting, dapat raya sama-sama jugak tahun ni, walaupon just dapat 5 hari je.. tapi takpe, cukup le untuk sementara.. and now my beloved husband is back to China, to complete the task.. latest news, tertangguh lagi nak start belayar sebab Cyclone Panafi is heading towards their place.. Semoga Allah lindungi suami saya dan sahabat-sahabatnya ...

Insya-Allah, when husband comes back, we will be busy preparing for our new house.. Actually, kuarters kerajaan tapi alhamdulillah le sebab dapat le rumah untuk berteduh.. rasa macam dah lama dok menumpang kat rumah Ummi and Abah, so teringin nak rasa duduk berdua jugak.. Makanya, masa balik Kelantan hari tu, shopping banyak le jugak kat Pengkalan Kubor.. ahahahaha.. husband pon dah jadi berpinar mata sebab banyak benda yang dia berkenan.. tapi kena stick to our budget jugak, so just beli apa yang rase berbaloi untuk beli...the rest, kena cari kat Putrajaya KL jugak.. Will be inviting all of you, my blog-readers for the house-warming later... :)

Tomorrow, back to office... I'm expecting a lot of works awaiting, since had been on leave for total of 12 days, okay! Hehehe.. memang puas hati cuti tahun ni.. macam qadak balik cuti raya tahun-tahun yg lepas.. :) and I am also expecting few Jamuan Raya later.. aha, not to forget my friends' big day, ASMA' and ASMAH.. hopefully, will be able to attend both of the occasions..

Anyway, hope it is still not too late to wish all of you..

p/s: Mr. Sunshine, thanks for your love.. :)
Makin lama, makin sayang.. :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Raya Update

Had a wonderful Eidul-fitr this year.. will update soon..