Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Red Eyes... Red Eyes..


I woke up this morning, started to feel itchy over both my eyes.. Hmm... slightly swollen, but that was because i shed tears before i went to sleep last night.. Dalam hati dah terlintas "alamak.. janganlah conjunctivitis.." because if i do get one, it gonna be a very bad one.. sujud pon rase berat otak.. macam nak terkeluar biji mata.. tengok kat cermin, tak merah.. so takpelah, boleh pi kerja and do the scheduled on-call today.. gatal siket2 but i don't dare to scratch or wipe, sebab takut lagi teruk.. just put on some optrex and went off to work..

Arrived to the ward, started to feel throbbing pain and teary eyes.. pi toilet jap.. ARGGHHHH!!! DAH MERAH.... huhuhu... met my Specialist and tell her about my new prob. Went off to Casualty Department and consulted my fren there.. She said, it is obviously Viral Conjunctivitis.. Baru nak jadi.. Got my 5-days MC then went off home.. Kat rumah, start demam.. telan Panadol dua biji dah tadi..

Called my husband, and he said "wah!! that's a good news!" .. hmmm... he's coming back today.. But.. i'm a little bit frustrated though.. first, baru je nak buat rekod bersih tak pernah amik MC since start kerja.. so kire ni first time le.. second, kesian my colleague kena ganti on-call.. got 2 on-call this week.. today and saturday.. that means, terlepas 2 kali le.. isk... isk.. isk... third, mata nih rase berdenyut2...

But the good thing is, boleh le rest kejap from work.. Although in a painful way.. Next week, I have to see my boss and submit my transfer form.. That's my plan for next week.. Bagi ke tak, belakang kira..

..... Nak tido .....

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