Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Entry Tertangguh - Abseiling Sungai Pisang

I always believe that nature is the best healing method.
Example : you're stressed out with tonnes and tonnes of work, with dateline to catch on, arguing with boss, not enough time to do your favourite things, messy house and bored daily routine. Obviously you need some time and space for yourself to de-stress.. What would be your choice??
1. Movies and hang out in crowded places i.e. shopping complex
2. Eat good food without worrying your BMI, add up your calories and fats..
3. Sleep, sleep, sleep and sleep...
4. Stay at home and do nothing..


5. Out for some recreational activities and enjoy the smell of leaves, forest and fresh air..

Once a while, we need to get out from the busy hectic city life and sniff fresh air..
I've got the chance to enjoy that. Last October (2011), while my husband was away on-board, I took the opportunity to went back to Air Terjun Sungai Pisang with some other adventurous fellas..
I even invited my brother with his friends to join together. They were just finished their final professional exam before start working.. They are doctors, too..

We stayed there overnight.. It was a great experience.. No toilet, only cold clean river.. No cosy rooms, only simple small tent.. No expensive food, only self-cooked simple food (yet still yummy!).. The cold night when it was raining heavily and all of us were drenched but still sleeping soundly.

The next day, waterfall abseiling was the most awaited event. It was my second time abseiling and first time waterfall abseiling.
Nervous, scared, excited, thrill... all mixed up.. but it was worth the feelings! :)

I would love to do this again, if I had another chance..

Enjoy the photos, peeps...

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