Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Survey Ketika Ngantuk..

Assalamualaykum...actually tengah ngantuk then i read this fun survey posted by Farah Norlaily kat bulletin board... hahahah.. dah lama tak fill in benda2 kelakar camni.. so, have fun reading it...

When was the last time you can remember being happy?
mase raye, jumpa my cute buncit cousin.. age 3 years old but weight 22kg.. baby gergasi ke hape..?!

Can you see yourself being with one person forever without getting bored?
herm.. so far dengan Gorgon Busyuk.. hehehe!

If you could get in your car right now and go anywhere, where would you go?
Putrajaya.. nak balik umah.. rindu kat bilik..

Would you change anything about your life?
can I be a teacher with medical knowledge background??

When are you happiest?
bile menang main basketball and played the best..

What makes you lucky?
lucky to be born as a Muslim...

What has been your greatest experience so far?
experience ek?! naik bot kat Kuala Tahan, pi Kpg Bantal buat community service.. time puasa pulak tuh..

What would you rather be doing right now?
doing my unfinish seminar presentation..

What do you do when you're nervous?
nervous? avoid eye contact...

When you're upset regardless of the reason, how do you cheer yourself up?
jalan2 kat tasik bagi makan ikan.. or just be in my quiet room for some nap..

When do you feel you can be most like yourself?
when i am alone, of course..

When can you relax the most?
after habis major exam like pro exam, be in my room and read interesting books... waaaaa...

Who do you trust most?
myself, of course..

In your life, who have you been able to be 100% like yourself around?
Babeh.. dulu la.. right now, my close friends like Cik Senah and Asek..

What do you worry about? exam of course.. why on earth we have to take this exam?? kalo takde exam kan baguss..

Are you scared of anything right now?
scared of kena panggil balik (saqaratul maut) before getting ready for it..

Assuming you have a significant other, how do you feel when they're upset?
sympathy and curious.. tumpang upset le jugak, regardless of the reasons behind it..

Have you ever felt so much love, you almost forgot how to breathe?
erk.. kang kena masuk ICU pulak untuk intubate.. never la forgot how to breathe.. because everytime i breathe, i feel presence of the love..

Do you ever feel like you're living in a movie?

When do you feel the most attractive?
secret.. hahaha!

When does time move the fastest for you?
masa keje banyak and exam nak dekat, tak sempat nak study..

What scent(s) relax you most?
my Ummi's scent..

If you could tell someone one thing right now, who would you choose?
Tokey Zack's Corner kat depan tuh..

And what would you tell them
macam bagussss jek!! huh!

Three things that scare me:
cicak, thunder or lightning, errr..kucing....?! hehehe..

Three people who make me laugh:
Gorgon busyuk, Haziq buncit, Apih..(i miss him so much..!)

Three Things/Ppl I love:
my family, my sunshine (hehehe!) , my watch and the person who gave it to me..

Three Things I hate:
lelaki poyo and suke amik kesempatan, traffic jam yang teruk gile, and cicak!!!

Three things I don't understand:
1. men
2. kenapa kena ade perkataan 'exam'?
3. ape hal Zack's Coner tak bagi parking...

Three things on my desk:
1. komputer
2. photo frame of people whom i love..
3. books..

Three things I'm doing right now:
1. jawab survey
2. buat seminar
3. buat tak buat pape..

Three things I want to do before I die:
1. get married and have children and let them marry early
2. pi Mekah
3. work to benefit others so that i can help them overcome their sorrow.. pi Palestine boleh tak??

Three things I can do:
tak makan 2 hari, baca novels 5 books per day, bawak keta laju2..

Three ways to describe my personality:
let others to describe.. Gorgon nak try? hehehe..

Three things I can't do:
bawak motor, makan pedas2 sgt, jadik rajin macam org lain yang tetiap hari pagi petang pi ward.. argghhh!


aserque said...

hahaha.. interesting..interesting..
neway.. saper Gorgon?
saper kasi jam tgn? sunshine ker?
pasal zackt corner.. diorg mmg poyo..hehe

Anonymous said...

may be.. somebody should be the lucky #3..hahaha baru la dia bagi parking... ye la.. yg 1st tukang masak, yg 2nd jaga kaunter... yg 3rd tu jaga parking hahaha