Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Power Of Love...?

Assalamualaikum all...well, hari nih tanak post pape yang 'pelik' cuma nak share one good article from Catalyst (April 2004).. please have a nice time to read the thing and do leave your comments. I used to have the same piece of mind with the writer and it's really keep me strong to overcome all the 'godaan' from those people who think at this age (teenagers and early adulthood) is the most suitable time to find our so-called couple..well, bukan le nak kate yang saye nih anti-couple (ade le siket2..hehehe!) cuma sometimes rase quite irritated with certain people yang dok sibuk nak mencari gf or bf just because orang lain ade..come on le! be fair to yourself..saye sendiri pon tak terlepas daripada soklan-soklan cepumas macam ni especially bile balik kampung or cuti or jumpa kawan2 lama or even in the phone conversation..
"takkan takde boyfriend kot.."
"baik carik cepat, nanti kang...andartu le jawabnye.."
"apesal camni? anti-lelaki ek? ke takleh lupakan first love?"
"awak memilih sangat kot..."
arghhh....bosan! tapi takpelah, saye tahu ape yang saye buat...okaylah, membebel le pulak. nah, jemput baca ye kawan-kawan..

A good friend of mine fell in love with a guy from her college. Well, after 20 years (at last!), she finally met ‘the one’ that gave her butterflies in her stomach. I knew who he is, and I understood why she felt that way. She thought the world of him and had the instinct that he was the right guy for her. Her only barrier was time. Like us, she had just started her varsity life and was still trying to adjust to her new atmosphere. And like most of us, she wanted to focus on her studies. The last thing she needed was a guy to interfere into her so-called ‘well-planned’ life. But like it or not, there he was.

Knowing her as well as I do, I knew that she was not comfortable with this lovey-dovey thing. In all her 20 years of life, the only male figure she could relate to were her father, grandfather and brothers..and never a foreign male antigen. Not to mention the number of our friends who were broken-hearted, thanks to some mule-headed-XY-gender with excessive testosterone (too manly). She couldn’t help but view that other than her own blood relatives, the rest of the male species were only capable of igniting a series of hypersensitivity reactions of all types. As you might have guessed, the most severely affected organs would be the heart (obviously!) and the brain (in 85% of the cases).

Well, it’s undeniable that when love strikes (according to the understanding of the modern society) you tend to get a little carried away and act all silly. The saying goes that love is blind, but that is not always the case. Only without proper control, can it blind you. For the sake of love, people are willing to go against what they believe; abandon what they worked so hard for and those who love them. To make things worse, some cowards go to the extent of ending their lives. Now, that’s what I call the power of love. Sigh..if only people could channel this ‘love’ into more deserving things.

To me, I see things in a different perspective. How can I fall in love when Israel is still out there attacking and slaughtering innocent Palestinians and the Americans are torturing the Iraqi civilians? How can I fall in love when my love for Allah and Rasul SAW has not reached the uttermost level? What right do I have in dreaming about a guy that barely knows my name, when there are millions of people out there dreaming to taste the sweetness of freedom? While Muslims are facing dangerous threats, here I am, fantasizing whether he would be my husband someday. It does not feel right.
This is the trouble with weak souls. Satan just pricks our heart a little but we already jump a mile. What if he puts in bigger blow? I dare not even think about the consequences.

Nowadays, people are getting ‘bolder’ in expressing their love, whether it’s through the correct Islamic way or not is another story. Give me a break..if you want to see true bravery for the sake of love, check these out:

Siti Khadijah radiallahuanha loved Muhammad ibn Abdullah strong enough for her to send a marriage proposal. Umar al-Khattab was even bolder! He declared his firm belief in Allah and Rasulullah, knowing well enough that the kafiruuns tortured anybody who was smart enough to seek and see the truth. Abu Bakr as Siddiq was gallant enough to stand rooted to his faith when majority of the people thought that Rasul SAW’s story of Isra’ and Mikraj was a bluff. Now that’s what I call love.

Now ask yourself, how many of us would readily march into the battlefield to fight the enemy; under-armed and hopelessly outnumbered like Rasul SAW and his companions were in most battles during the early spread of Islam? We could never match their spirit! Those people marched to war for the sake of Islam, willing to die while the kafiruun fought for their lives! Ironic isn’t it, killing someone who is not afraid of death while you yourself fear dying? Nowadays, the mere thought of death can scare someone right out of their wits. So much for sacrificing life.

Just when we are going to be brave enough to uphold the right and correct the wrong? Honestly, we have to reprogram our minds. We have to inject our souls with the things that we lack, and enhance it with love towards Allah SWT, Rasulullah SAW, Islam, ‘ilm and our fellow brothers. We have to free our minds from all sort of colonization, deepen our understanding of Islam and prepare ourselves to face the world. Instead of making excuses about the time not being suitable to start a mental revolution, let us create a favourable atmosphere to cultivate our minds and groom our souls in the manner that was introduced by Prophet Muhammad SAW more than 1400 years ago.

Let us pray and work hard so that when the time comes, we are able to summon enough courage to do what we must do and wisdom to decide what is the best option for us to live our life.


uNa D'uNn said...

kan2...buat ape sedih tak bertempat..sedang kan ramai lagi yg sedih sebab kehilangan org2 yg tersayang yg berperang utk islam..utk negara...lg dapat byk berkat..kita ni..sedih sbb pakwe hilang..bkn la tak tak berbaloi..hidup mesti diteruskan..kan..

Anonymous said...

best la enti article nih..
"ya Allah, janganlah Kau bolak balikkan hatiku setelah hati ini tetap pada cintaMu dan pada agamaMu.. rantailah hati ini yg terlari-lari dalam mencari enti cinta dan kehidupan ini dengan rantai rahmat dan kasih sayangMu..moga aku tak tersasar... dan kurniakanlah aku pendamping yg membawaku ke syurgaMu..bukan melalaikanku atau aku melalaikannya....moga kasih yg diratib menjadi tasbih cintaku padaMu".. ameen ya Rabb.