Monday, May 09, 2005

Graduation Dinner..not mine la..

Alhamdulillah, dah lepas Annual Graduation Dinner for the final year one of the committee, I felt very glad since the program had ran smoothly after facing a lot of difficulties especially from the sponsorship and money part.. but at least everything settled just as good as we have planned..and according to some of the lecturers and the fifth year students, they were also satisfied with the whole program, including the delicious food…grace to Allah for His Mercy and guidance from the beginning till the end..

Talking about this AGD ’05, terbayang pulak how would it be when it comes to our turn pulak nanti..mesti sedih gile and mesti tangkap leleh punye lah..smalam pon mase duduk2 ngan Babeh while having our dinner, rase macam tak lama jek lagi would be our time to leave this Kulliyyah of Medicine.. Although we’ve been through many tribulations and hardship during our academic years but it’s all paid off when we manage to save a life or at least cure the sick patient..yup, it’s Allah’s power to heal whoever He wants but at least we’ve done our best.. Teringat kata-kata Dr. Shahrin mase dalam tutorial class, “every time you loss a patient, you will feel something deep inside especially if you’re the one who monitoring the patient from the beginning. But at least you have to try the best to save the patient. Although u’re unable to save him/her but at least u’ll feel satisfied with your effort..”
This is the sayings from a specialist whom facing patients’ deaths for quite some times..apetah lagi saye yang masih lagi budak baru belajar..first time berdepan ngan my patient’s death, rase macam seram sejuk and menggelabah je tapi lama-lama dah boleh take it rationally..

So, the morale of the posting this time is, be responsible on whatever u do.. As for me, being a doctor is not merely for fame or money.. it’s more on responsibility, charity and learning process for the whole life..if u graduate from a medical school, it is actually just the beginning of the new life as a medical personnel.. Herm..all the best to the new graduates of Kulliyyah of Medicine, IIUM.. just remember the oath of a Muslim’s physician that been vowed few days ago.. it’s your promises that u’ve made to Allah, to yourself and also to the people around of wishes, people..

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