Friday, November 25, 2011

ICT - Men & Women


Good day to all!

My boss forward an email with the above image. Funny but true! Hehehe..

Men = Bluetooth
Well, kinda true for some but I think it cannot be generalized.
I know some men who are like that, connected to a girl when she is nearby and search for others when his girl is away.. I'm talking through experience.. *wink wink*
Biase la tu... kot! Even if the girl is nearby, they can still search for other nearby devices! Hahaha! As for me, up to you to do that because later, you will be answering to The Al-Mighty, The All-Knowing.. you might be cheating to your wife, she wouldn't know that but Allah is Merciful..

Women = Wifi
Betul jugak! I have known someone, a girlfriend of mine who has a lot of boyfriends at one time.. but she ended up marrying someone who she thought is the best among others. You know, women need to feel secure. Majority of us will settle down with someone who can offer the best security of all.. How independent a lady is, deep inside herself, she need to feel secure with someone. It might not be security in terms of safety, but would also be in terms of financial, love and affectionate.

But sometimes, men can be a Wifi, too.. Women can be a bluetooth, too..


bujal X said...

saya infrared~~ble connect dengan satu device dengan jarak yang paling dekat saja~~keh keh~

Hanin Farhana said...

bujal : ahah! bagus la camtu. saye ni lebih pada TMNet zaman dulu-dulu yang guna tak connect, tak dapat. :P

Anonymous said...

hahaha so true!!


awesome blossom said...

ahahahha funny. the infrared one is good too.