Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Safe Journey, Danial & Papa Danial..

When you only have one small kid in your family, you tend to be obsessed with her/him..
I only have one nephew (next month, insya-Allah tambah lagi sorang..)
His name is Danial Harith bin Hazim..
He is my big brother's son..
He's two years old but , oh my, he is not acting like a child of same age..
He's bright and smart.. able to talk at earlier age..
He could memorize not only kindergarten songs, but also famous pop song..
He could imitate the dance of a Korean group at age less than 1 year old... (who knows the song "Sorry Sorry"?)
Danial pernah tegur Nenek (my mom) sebab salah lirik lagu Air Pasang Pagi ..(my mum sengaja tukar Cik Baba to Cik Mamat. Danial got annoyed and said "Nenek, bukan Cik Mamat la.. CIK BABA!")
Danial pon boleh imitate the Muay Thai punye opening warrior dance tu..
He is as obsessed to football as his father..
And I know he is gonna be one of the youngest Ultras Kelantan..
He could kick a ball at such an early age and now, he already knew that football is a game where you have to put the ball in the goal and then shouts "GOOOOOLLLLL!!!"
He could remember all his aunties and uncles name, without fail..
And he could easily remember "doa makan" at this age..

And today, he is going for back-packing with Papa.. and to others surprise, they are going to Cambodia.. such a great experience at such a young age.. Mama tak ikut, coz 8 months pregnant.. (accidently.. ooopppsss!)
And he is excited about it..
And I am proud of him..

Dear Danial,
Cik Nana wish u have a safe journey..
May this memorable trip be the start of your priceless steps in the future..
You can appreciate life, love and yourself when you see other side of the world..
One day, may be we can go back-packing together..

Have fun, Danial! And take care...


Cik Nana

mode : missing Debab.. T_T

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