Sunday, May 25, 2008

Wedding Season..


It's school holiday, and it's wedding season again.. I've received 6 invitations for these 2 weekends. Attended one on Friday night, one on Saturday.. one was turned down (kat JB) and another 3 coming up next week..

Common question asked, "Awak bile lagi?".. hehehe.. Simple question but it's hard to answer.. Let me keep it to myself je lah.. hehehe..

Anyway, congrats to these friends of mine for their wedding.. May Allah bless your new life and may all of you find the happiness. May your ibadah become more meaningful after the tie knot..

1. Sonie and Farid
2. Aainaa and Amir
3. Yan Babeh and Pok Min
4. Aziah and hubby
5. Asmat and Rahman
6. Kak Nadia and hubby

Happy jumpa Shade and others kat wedding Aainaa..
The end for now..

p/s: Entry ini adalh kerana telah ditegur oleh Cik Asma' kite.. hehehe... serious la, takde idea..
kepada yang berkenaan, hidup elok-elok.. matahari masih bersinar, so awak kena bersinar jugak.. :)

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sHaHiedDaH said...

suka gak jumpa korang. tapi lagi suka bila korg ckp nk dtg sbh hehe... jgn tak jadik ah, nnti aku frust menonggeng.. angkut asek skali. nnti dia dok umah ternak lemak jer wakaka...