Friday, December 16, 2011



Successful event, I would say, with the help from the involved staff.

And also, special thanks to Mr. Sunshine for being the free-lance photographer + motivator + my inspiration.

My role was to be the MC.. at the beginning of the event, kinda nervous.. heart beating very fast! And suddenly I saw my husband came in into the hall with his new-brand camera and a big smile on his face, and gave me a double thumb-up sign, all the nervous and anxious faded away! :)

The power of love la konon-konon kan! huhuhu...

Next update would be the abseiling program yang tertunggak tu.. Insya-Allah...


syah said...

ala hanin...cite la byk sket...bes tak jd mc dpn vip2 tu...:)

Anonymous said...

Syah : nanti kite citer ek. Mmg nervous tp sbb dh ade raptai, so kurang siket la.