Thursday, May 25, 2006

Sekolah Kehidupan


I've been hibernating for quite some time.. bukan ape, just tak tahu nak post ape kat sini.. anyway, i couldn't sleep last night and it was already 4am.. pergh.. so i've decided to at least jot down something in here..

Well, talking about the topic up there, 'sekolah kehidupan' tuh saye belajar dari one of my patient..not an ordinary patient. She's a pregnant lady, expecting her first baby. and what makes her story more special and interesting to me was she's a schizophrenic, a type of mental disorder or psychiatric problem.. talkng about her life, she strongly claimed that she as raped by someone (although she's married 2 years ago) and that person only can be seen by her, not others.. after borak2 ngan dia pasal masalah dia and her pregnancy, masuk le pulak pasal academic level dia.. saye tanye dia "akak blajar sampai mane kak? skolah dulu sampai spm ke univ.?" dia senyum.. lama diam then baru dia jawab, "skarang pon skolah lagi.." trying to figure out what did she meant by that, she said " sekolah kehidupan..takkan tamat sampai le kite mati.."

Perghh...this statement really stuck in my mind for days...she was right.. in fact, very very true.. this makes me think, what have i done in my life.. i've achieved a lot of my wishes and dreams.. i've also experienced a lot of failure, difficulties and hardship.. but, do i learn from my success and failure? guess, i just take only few lessons and actually there are a lot more to learn..

most of the time, kite lupa untuk bersyukur for being such a normal person (are we??).. and yup, we should learn from our life.. SEKOLAH KEHIDUPAN.. for a better fate in the future, most importantly, in the akhirah..

p/s : to the person whom makes my life more meaningful sejak dia datang dalam hidup saye, semoga sentiasa menjadi 'suria' yang sentiasa bersinar... :) take care always..


Anonymous said...

Allah itu indah dan ia hanya menyukai keindahan iaitu hati yang sentiasa berhadap kepada Nya tidak lain tidak bukan kerana disucikan dengan zikir lalu terpancarlah keindahan kalangan soleh dan solehah. Waullah-hu-'alam.

Hanin Farhana said...

yup, keindahan yang paling Agung adalh milik Allah.. dan Islam Itu Indah..thanks for the comment, friend...
ade prob nak view my own blog le pulak.. just boleh bukak thru dashboard.
klas dah nak start next week.. rase macam tak sedia sgt... Argghh..!!

aserque said...

well, life is a learning process..