Sunday, October 09, 2005

Ramadhan al-Mubarak

Ramadhan dah datang.. Alhamdulillah, bersemangat untuk menjalani Madrasah Ramadhan kali ini..di Jerantut nih, we have the chance to cook by ourselves so no problem with the food.. in fact, Pasar Ramadhan pon ekat jek but i prefer to cook by myself rather than buying food from there..boleh jimat duit. Lagipon, ade jek orang yang tolong kejutkan for sahur.. alhamdulillah, so far tak pernah miss sahur lagik..but the most precious one was when Abah gave me a wake-up call on the first Ramadhan...hermmm.. :)

So far, i'm having great time in Jerantut altho few of my friends are dying to go back to Kuantan.. hehehe..i love the situation here..tranquil and adventure..but, if i have the chance, i prefer to do my posting or housemanship in Kelantan..nearer with my GrandMa and family and other relatives.. kenapa dah rindu kat Ma and Ummi nih ek..?!

Okaylah pal, i have other job to do..hope i can complete my fasting this year like the previous 2 years...hehehehe.. ade orang yang jeles tuuu...take care people..


Anonymous said...
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drbubbles said...

glad that u enjoy the ever serene hometown of mine